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     Beta-Amyloid 1-40, HFIP
     3XFlag peptide
     MOG 35-55
     Beta-Amyloid 1-42, HFIP
     Beta-Amyloid 1-42, TFA
     Beta-Amyloid 1-40, TFA

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    Beta-Amyloid 25-35 | Aβ 25-35

    Beta-Amyloid 25-35 Aβ 25-35

        货号 数量 价格(元) 货期
        A-25-35-T-1 1 mg ¥200.00 1~2天
        A-25-35-T-5 5 mg 询价 1~2天
        A-25-35-T-10 10 mg 询价 1~2天

      英文别名: Aβ 25-35 | Aβ 25-35 | Abeta 25-35 | Amyloid-β 25-35 | β-Amyloid 25-35
      中文名: β-淀粉样多肽 25-35 | Beta-淀粉样多肽 25-35 | Beta-淀粉样多肽 25-35 | Β-淀粉样多肽 25-35 | Beta-Amyloid多肽 25-35
      纯度: >95% by HPLC
      序列(单字母): GSNKGAIIGLM
      (三字母序列): Gly-Ser-Asn-Lys-Gly-Ala-Ile-Ile-Gly-Leu-Met
      CAS No.: 131602-53-4
      分子式: C45H81N13O14S
      分子量: 1060.28
      外观: 白色粉末
      等电点: 10.1
      净电荷(PH=7): 1.0
      平均亲水性: -0.3
      亲水残基比例: 27%
      盐: TFA
      来源: 化学合成
      储存条件(冻干粉): -20°C(1年) 或 -80°C(1-2年)
      溶解条件: Acetic acid/water (3:2) or DMSO
      运输条件: 常温(加冰袋)
      描述: The fragment Aβ(25–35) of the Alzheimer's amyloid β -peptide, like its full-length peptide Aβ(1–42), has shown neurotoxic activities in cultured cells. But it differs from all the other commonly studied β-amyloid peptides because of its extremely rapid aggregation properties and enhanced neurotoxicity.Aβ(25–35) is able to cause memory impairment and neurodegenerative events.
      参考: 1, Rapid aggregation and assembly in aqueous solution of Aβ (25–35) peptide.
    Lia Millucci, Roberto Raggiaschi, Davide Franceschini, Georg Terstappen & Annalisa Santucci; Journal of Biosciences volume 34, pages293–303(2009)

    2, Aβ(25–35) peptide displays H2O2-like reactivity towards aqueous FE2+, nitroxide spin probes, Ant) synaptosomal membrane proteins.
    D.Allan Butterfield; LauraMartin John M.Carney; Kenneth Hensley. Life Sciences, Volume 58, Issue 3, 8 December 1995, Pages 217-228

    3, Aβ (25–35) and its C‐and/or N‐blocked derivatives: Copper driven structural features and neurotoxicity
    Maria Laura Giuffrida Giulia Grasso Menotti Ruvo Carlo Pedone Angela Saporito Daniela Marasco Bruno Pignataro Claudia Cascio Agata Copani Enrico Rizzarelli. Neuroscience Research; Volume 85, Issue 3 15 February 2007. Pages 623-633





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